Sunday, 5 February 2012

Painting progression; now with 28% more creepy skin mask!

A quick update on my International Women's day poster!
It's coming together gradually, and I think it's at that point where I have enough down to see the shape it's taking...but not enough for it to look good yet, haha.

I wanted to let it have a loose, painterly look to it. I'm not quite at the level of realism in paining that I'd like to be in order to make her look photorealistic, so large blocks of colour work well for me.

 Started with a base wash of green, to compliment the blues and flesh tones I'd be using in the final piece

  Blue ribbon!
In my thumbnail it was red, but I found that the red ribbon on the dark background looked 
too gothic for this piece.

Creepy skin mask!
Laid in the foundation for her face and blocked out where the jewel is going to sit on the ribbons.

This thing watched me sleep last night.



  1. Megan is Stalking your Blog ... ♫♪♫ stalk, stalk stalking your Blog ♫♪♫
    and STILL to lazy to make an account
    yeah Its probably a good reason you ditched the red ribbon cause all I can say is: