Wednesday, 8 February 2012

I can see the future...

And the future holds SHIRTS!


Thanks to an opportunity presented to me, I'll be able to print up a number of my shirt designs on actual shirts for a reasonable cost!
What this also means, is that if anyone is particularly interested in purchasing shirts from me, I can finally fulfil that wish!

I have to go get the shirts myself, and I won't be printing for a few weeks, so there's plenty of time to figure things out. I don't know specific prices yet, so if you'd like to discuss any sort of purchase, please understand that I'm still nailing down prices, and I don't have any figures to show to anyone yet.

If you're interested though, please let me know so I can start buying blank shirts ASAP, as I'll be printing them myself :)

So if any of my shirt designs that have been posted on this blog interest you enough to want to proudly display them on your body, please get in contact with me! :D

As well I'm wide open to printing any of my older pieces on a shirt!
For a sampling of some of my miscellaneous art, visit my DeviantArt account!
I will be printing the following for sure!

If something you'd be interested in purchasing is not on this list, please let me know!
You can contact me by E-mail any time at

or if you prefer more traditional means of communication, your pigeon will know where to find me. 

Stay tuned for finalized mock-ups of what I'll be printing and selling!



  1. I need an Octatpust shirt, and and and a Mohawk shirt and and and one with a Banana, nad a pony shirt ... OMG PLEASE MAKE ME A PONY SHIRT ... no wait make 12 and sell them on EBAY!!! ... .OMG IM CALLING YOU

  2. I also Need a Green Rider shirt and a pidgeon shirt and more bananas and one with books an a purple shirt and that one with the things I like ... and one for TF2 and one for Hogwarts and one for Tuesday cause it tuesday and one for work and one for my Dad's work and one because its not tuesday and one for weekends and one for the TV and one for belle'd need to put to-together for smoke soo he'll need to and two for gizmo cuase you know he'll shred one and one for my socks and one for paper and one Laura and one for disney and one for my fingers cause they are tired of writing and one for cake balls and one for you and one with everything on your deviant art and more ponies and WAY more green rider and one for more music and one for music notes and uuhhhh uhhh uhhh