Sunday, 19 February 2012

International Women's Day, final poster!

The pieces are falling into place, finally, for my International Women's Day poster, featuring the lovely an talented Milla Jovovich.

Check out the final at the end of this entry, and here are some progress shots for your viewing pleasure!

Blocking in colours, starting to refine detail in the face area!
Lost her nose briefly as I was laying in colour! Oh Noes!

Found her nose again!
I wanted to keep almost all the sharp detail in her face, in order to draw attention to it.
I spent a lot of time with my nose up to this board.

Time to lean back and work on some larger elements!
The large red gem laying over the ribbons is one of my favourite aspects, I love how it contrasts against the cool greens and blues and really gives your eye something to look at.
Eventually her lips will be a similar shade shade of red to help the design flow.

Finally got rid of that hollow, terrifying eye.
She looks much better with both, I think.
It was about now that I started playing with her hair overlapping the frame/ribbon to add another element of depth.

I'm not really comfortable with rendering text in traditional mediums, but I wanted her name to have the same painterly appearance as the rest of the image.
I planned to add more typography digitally at a later date.

final rough 
Here's the raw, photographed version of the final poster, shot in the studio with the help of Jess Oddi, Jen Ridder and Zoheb Shaikh

final retouch
And the final retouched version, adjusted and edited in Photoshop CS5.
I focused primarily on emphasizing her eyes and lips, as well as bringing the gem out from the background.

final final
And the final thing!
Added my typographic elements, and a lovely quote from the lady herself.

"I just want to make one really good movie a year. And when I die, to know I was Honest as an artist." -Milla Jovovich



  1. I love, love, love your typography!!!!! Great piece :)

  2. Nice typography! They look like rich/noble.