Tuesday, 7 February 2012

All she wants is dessert.

This week's word.

I definitely reached way outside of the box for this one, hehe. I started with looking up the definition to 'forward' in the dictionary, and came upon one I really liked, as well as a text sample that inspired my design for his week!

Kids are so picky, and they don't care who knows, haha.

I had seen a number of images by Susan Perl, and fell in love with he way she portrays children in her illustrations. They had so much emotion in their faces, despite the simple style, which I tried to emulate in my own work.

I started with initial sketch (which you can see above), and the first thing I changed were the Monster Parents in the back. I wanted them to look more like creatures and less like demons, I also chose some more entertaining expressions!

I wanted the 'adult' figures to be less prominent than the child, so I coloured them more like shadows than figures, and focused almost all the colour on the figure in the centre.
I actually went through a lot of different hair colours before I settled on this one. Initially I wanted to make her blonde, because it was cuter. But she's a monster as well, so I wanted her to be less cute. I eventually settled on a reddish hair colour to balance with the green in their eyes.

I Wanted to design this graphic specifically for children's t-shirts (though I'd probably war it myself, hehe.
I like it best against the red! :)

photos found on google

It does seem more suited to a girl's shirt (as the figure is female) but I think it could be worn by anyone.

Hope you like it! :D


  1. Oh wow, your concept is awesome I would never have thought of that one. Love the way the Goblin Girl (from the mystery world) came out but I have to say I preferred the expressions you had for the parent monsters in the thumbnail, they just looked more hilarious in it.

    Still awesome

  2. ... why did you wanna give the demon child blond hair ... are you trying to tell me something
    .... on a woman your parents will become boob creatures!!!
    Lazy Megan is Lazy (and doesnt want to make an account so ANNON AWAY)

  3. This is terrific, Jess - a really fun idea and great execution, as usual. :^)