Monday, 23 January 2012


Been playing with some colour ideas for my women's day poster as of late.
I don't want to go for a super realistic look, I want to make it somewhat stylized, with a lot of emphasis on strength and beauty.

I find myself leaning towards the second colour scheme, with the darker borders and the intense, almost spotlight-like focus on her face.
I don't want to paint it all in black of my final, but  really like the halo of light around her portrait and the fairness of her skin.

I want to do the ribbon in blue, though, instead of red. I think it looks a bit too gothic/creepy with that much red and black together.

just some totally huge pencil roughs.
there's also some super faint text at the top that reads:
"International Women's Day"

Just a little update to keep everyone interested! :D
I'd love to hear your opinions and feedback on my stuff, and I love comments!


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  1. Good progress - looking forward to seeing this develop!