Friday, 20 January 2012

Prepare the Preparations!

This friday's illustration theme, as well as a mega-awesome Ludo album. Just sayin'.

What better reason to prepare then the eventual rise of the undead? I think it's as good a reason as any, personally.
I wanted to create a design to go on the side of a bag (preferably a tote or messenger bag) that would help the owner organize themselves for the eventual zombie apocalypse.
I was circling around some ideas for a more illustrated design featuring a number of monsters 'preparing' for their night out.
Presumably a night spent chasing people through the woods or tempting them into cursed mansions.
You know, a standard monster's evening.
I decided, however, to keep my design more functional and went with a nice checklist of things to keep in your bag.

I pulled the text elements together in adobe illustrator first, taking inspiration from my library of zombie books for the fonts and colours involved.
'Cake pops and zombies' actually sums me up pretty well,
as a person.

I then went to a Mr. Leonard Lionni for some stylistic guidance for my illustrated aspects. I love his simple lines and large shapes.
Oh god they're so cute.

And then I ran with it. a number of ideas changed as I went through the process of designing and arranging my layout and graphics. In the end, I came up with this!
"I like long walks on the beach and a nice brain shared between friends."

Here's the final product, all assembled and lovely!

happy hunting!


  1. What fun! - and the final mock-ups look awesome! Great work, Jessica!

  2. That looks so fun! Amazing work. This bag needs to happen.

  3. Stupid blogger thingy messed up my post. Anyway, Jess your design is wicked practical. You should add some links to some Zombie apocalypse pages.

  4. Jeneal: thanks :D I think it's a bag vital to general survival (ever for keeping prepared BEFORE the dead rise, lol.)

    I'll definitely keep some links in mind for my future blog posts :D