Monday, 16 January 2012

Women's Day, 2012!

International Women's Day is approaching! March 8th has been set aside as a special day to appreciate all those special women in your lives, as well as the ones you admire from afar :)

For this occasion, I'll be creating a poster to commemorate one of my favourite ladies, Milla Jovovich!

I've loved her in movies, she's such a strong female presence that it's impossible to ignore. Match that with her musical talents, her modelling career and so much more, she's a real inspiration.

Plus she's drop-dead gorgeous, but let it be known that's not the only reason I chose her! ;)

The final product will be painted with acrylics, but before that happens, here are some of my thumbnail sketches to keep you all on the edges of your seats.
Quick, loose and scribbly. Just how I like 'em.
I've decided to go forward with the last design seen here (not the wolf margin-doodles snuck into this scan...), with a nice large portrait image as the focus :)

And never without inspiration to springboard off of, Id like to introduce you to a gentleman by the name of Al Parker, one of the giants of Graphic Design.

I love this picture. To bits.
To. Bits.
The simplicity of it is so great, the way he separates foreground, middle ground and background with basically nothing more than some simple lines and some overlapping and cropping is just wonderful.
I plan to take his method of line art against blocks of colour and use it to my advantage. I'd also love to find a way to incorporate this sort of background into my own image.

So, exciting times ahead!


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