Tuesday, 24 January 2012

pretty ladies/random post time

When I'm bored I draw pretty women.

More people need to require me to draw ladies for them, because I feel like this is a niche I can fill, haha.

By the way "Thil" and "Thilath" are online aliases I've gone by in the past!
Most notably on deviantart!


  1. Jess, you amaze me. When and if you make the one with the horns into a t-shirt for class... I'm buying one.

  2. Awesome work -- you should absolutely keep at it and consider just putting some originals on ebay - see what happens! A lot of people make some good money selling original pin-up art (or prints) and from taking private commissions. You have the right stuff to do that, Jess. Great work! :^)