Friday, 27 April 2012

tiny top hats! Oh god D:

So part of my costume is going to be a little teacup tophat! And I'm going to make it myself, like a boss.

So I spread my materials out on the table, prayed to the elder gods for wisdom, and dove into it headfirst.

After about three hours of madness, and more hot glue borns than I'll ever admit, and a lot of learning, my prototype is complete!

the face of a madman.

I've learned several important things in assembling these. The first of which being that I should have bought spray adhesive, lol. Also, i ned to glue the barrel of the hat to the top portion BEFORE I stick the ends of the barrel together, that was so weird and unwieldy, and you can see glue sticking out.

Though, I'm looking forward to perfecting this craft, and I plan on somehow selling the extras I make :) because a meter of fabric is more than I remember, haha.

Stay tuned in later for an actual progress update on the real version!
Thanks for reading!

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