Tuesday, 17 April 2012

I missed you, paint.

I'm alive, I promise!
I've been working on a mock billboard ad for Kodak, and I'm pretty much in love with it.

I was given free reign over content, style and tagline, and as per usual, went wacky.
I love going wacky. :)
Te only real criteria I had was the medium (Gouache paint) and I needed to accurately reproduce the corporate logo.

Here we have my finalized concept sketch, properly to scale and everything.
My concept was to have the tagline "Capture it" with the cartoon-style image of a man fishing up a shark! This would reference the tagline not only in the great capture of man vs. nature, but the need for people to capture these epic moments in photographs.

I dove into this full throttle and set up a background wash, making double sure to block out the logo area, I didn't want the wash colour to corrupt the colours in the logo.
I chose a bluegreen because I wanted to give the immediate impression of water or ocean to people who might only have a second to glance at the ad. From here I laid in colours and the design started to take shape!

I initially didn't want to use any sort of lineart, but I found it difficult to discern between certain elements without the help of a nice black line. Unfortunately these photographs are terrible, it looks much better in person.

The typography gave me sleepless nights. Eventually I settled on a nice visible black font, with the white font outlined in black as well.

I'll be photographing this in a billboard frame tomorrow, and I'll have some proper photos up then!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Awesome. Great concept, love the character design and very nice step-by-step description - great work!