Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Latex horn!

My second attempt at latex prosthetics is going well, in my humble opinion. Let me walk you through my adventures!

I started by making a form out of super sculpey in the shape I wanted, making sure it fit on my head in the position I wanted.
Unfortunately I have no photos of this part, but it's not difficult to imagine.

Than I started laying on the liquid latex.
I bought that bottle at some seasonal halloween store a couple years ago for $20. It's the only kind I've used, so I really don't have anything to compare it against. It's a little bit runny, but it works pretty well.

It took about eight coats of the stuff to get the horn to the thickness I wanted, even then, after I peeled it off it looked like it could have used another few coats. But it's sturdy, and it looks pretty good!
Removing it from the base was kinda tricky, as you have to peel it very slowly and apply a powder base to keep the prosthetic from sticking to itself.
I used baby powder because I have it on hand, but you can use special craft powder or even a makeup powder.

here you can se the difference between powdered and unpowdered portions.

some before and after shots. here's also a big difference in the heft of the horn before the tissue and paint is added.

After it was all powdered and peeled, I started laying in some colour! I'm using acrylic paint, and it seems to be holding up pretty well! I also used a bit of torn tissue and liquid latex around the base of the horn to give the appearance if it breaking through the skin.
I then painted the raised 'skin' elements with varying shades of pink and red.

Unfortunately, due to wardrobe issues, I've had to change my colour scheme from black/neon green to black/electric blue.
I'm not too beat up though, blue looks just as amazing!

 After the blue dried, I painted the black on the top portions and blended it into the blue section with a feathered, spiky sort of look to it.
Then it was just a matter of adjusting the 'spikes' where the colours met, and adding a darker blue shadow underneath the 'skin' for depth!
Now all I have to to is make another one, and I'm set! I'm considering making the blue aspect a little less prominent though. Comment with your opinions!

thanks for reading!

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