Monday, 11 June 2012

Bitty monsters

So I was enjoying a delicious bowl of tomato soup today when I looked down and noticed something hanging to the edge of the bowl.

Needless to say I was put off of my appetite for a while.
It vanished under the surface just after this photo was taken, so I drained the bowl down the sink just to be safe.

-Jess B

this is the first official entry of a new series of illustrations I'm doing, entitled "Bitty monsters"!
Stay tuned for more to come! 

Find the full-sized image here 


  1. So cute... but unfortunately did not put off my hefty appetite. time for some soup!!


  2. AHHHH -- HE'S SO CUTE! I love this, these illustrations could make really neat cards (Thank-you cards, Get Well Soon, Birthday, etc.) or desktop wallpapers too.

    ~ Jennifer Ridder

  3. First of all I WANT SOUP NOW - it looks exceptionally tasty!
    second GOOD FOR YOU USING YOUR BLoG-diggity!!

    ANON <3