Friday, 11 May 2012

Costume wrap-up

I just realized, after all the nattering on I'd been doing about my costume progress, I never actually posted the finished thing!

Mini top hat was awesome. I had it attached to a headband but needed to add an alligator clip in the back to keep it from dropping forwards, haha. It was a little front-heavy with that big jewel on it.
By the way, hats like this are now for sale at my craft blog here -->  Headstand crafts

Horns were fun too! hough bizarrely, one started collapsing in on itself halfway through the night like there was some sort of vacuume being created by my forehead. It wasn't too bad, though, as the dent didn't photograph if I held my head a certain way!
I did manage to get some liquid latex stuck in my hair though, and discovered the wonderful world of having to cut pieces of your hair out.
Next time I bring baby oil.

All in all, it was pretty much the best night ever. Megs and I had our picture taken with the amazing director, Darren Lynn Bousman (saw 2-4, Repo! The genetic Opera) as well as the writer/actor/Lucifer, Terrance Zdunich.

Of course this photo was AFTER they jumped out of their seats to take photos of us first. It was very shocking and I felt like a movie star :)

Thanks for reading!

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