Friday, 23 March 2012

Shady Shades

So the illustration Friday word I was given this time was "Shades" and my brain took to that word like a terrier to a plastic rat.
I was all over the place with ideas, ranging from moody paintings to papercraft monsters. I found it a bit trying to settle on one idea, though eventually, after sleeping on it for some days, I knew exactly what had to be done.

The image "Shades" conjured in my mind was one of those horrible 'Shutter Shades' that were really popular a few years ago.
Pictured: fashion mistakes being made
I can't properly articulate how terrible these shades make me feel.
So what better use for them than an odd juxtaposition between something I loathe, and something I love!

Ah yeah, the good stuff hits at about 1:00 in.

I adore old movie monsters, Dracula to the Wolfman to really poorly thought out zombie movies.
So I wanted to assemble these two things, and hopefully create an image that was both humorous and iconic.

I had stumbled upon a piece of art by a Mr. Milton Glaser, and wanted to take some of his blocky colours and limited palette and spin it into my own style.

I left my heavy lineart behind, once more, for this piece, and I have to admit I'm really feeling it.
Check out my process video below, but to hold you over until then, here's my initial sketch and the final piece!
Douchula sketch

And now the video!
Enjoy and thanks for reading!


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